Random: The Original Doom Is Now Playable On Twitter

Random: The Original Doom Is Now Playable On Twitter

Being able to play DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal on the Switch is a blessing for those who want to gun down demons on the go, but what if you could take that portability one step further?

@Tweet2Doom is a new bot that allows people to play the original DOOM (1993) on none other than, you guessed it, Twitter. How @Tweet2Doom works is similar to cloud gaming technology: You enter commands to control your character and then a video feed showing you what happens on-screen is sent back to you.

For those who are curious to actually give it a shot, you can check out @Tweet2Doom’s pinned tweet below, which has all the information you need on how it works and the full command list:

Following the account will also allow you to watch other players’ playthroughs of the game, which range from amazing speedruns that should never have been possible to clueless players messing around with the commands.

With @Tweet2Doom’s release, Twitter has now joined the extensive list of platforms that are able to (but probably shouldn’t) run the original DOOM, which include ATMs, printers, calculators and even pregnancy tests.

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