A Real Life Pokemon Hotel Exists In South Korea

A Real Life Pokemon Hotel Exists In South Korea

Visiting South Korea during the summer vacation? Book a room at Haeundae Grand Hotel for a Pokemon experience you’ll never forget!

This summer, Haeundae Grand Hotel has completely evolved into Pokemon Hotel, with the blessings of The Pokemon Company. This isn’t the first time both companies have partnered up for a Pokemon collaboration, as they teamed up last year.

For the rest of summer, Haeundae Grand Hotel’s guest rooms have been given a Pokemon makeover. The beds, walls, and even furniture simply scream Pokemon.

There are five different rooms to choose from, each named after a different color.

The Yellow Room has a heavy focus on Pikachu.

Expect to find Snorlax and numerous other Water type Pokemon in the Blue Room.

Mew, Ditto, and other Fairy type Pokemon can be found in the new Pink Room.

Magikarp and other Fire type Pokemon can be spotted in the new Orange Room!

The final room is the Green Room, where you’ll find Grass type Pokemon!

Besides hotel rooms, guests will be able to enjoy Pokemon themed cakes, burgers, and beverages at the hotel’s lounge and bakery.

So if you’re heading to South Korea for vacation, which room will you want to stay at Haeundae Grand Hotel? Let us know in the comments!