Reggie Talks Game Cube Controller Support and Upcoming Switch Features

Reggie Talks Game Cube Controller Support and Upcoming Switch Features

President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils Aime, was down at New York to launch the now released Mario Odyssey but that did not stop Kotaku from asking the big guy a few questions pertaining to the Switch.

In a surprise update last week, the Nintendo Switch started supporting the Game Cube Controllers with an extra peripheral. In fact, that was as much of a surprise to Nintendo as it is to us as Reggie put it, it was never intended.

We hit upon the surprise support of GameCube controllers for the Switch, a feature that popped up in the system’s newest firmware. “In our latest system software update, it enables third-party peripherals to work on Nintendo Switch,” Fils-Aime explained. “As a result, the peripheral for Wii U that allows it to attach GameCube controllers also works.” A sign of Super Smash Bros. Melee support incoming? “Of course, there’s nothing to announce on this,” he said. “I think it’s fair to say, Stephen, that that peripheral working was as much a surprise to us as it was to consumers.”

Reggie also talked about future Switch features such a Netflix, which was available on the Wii U and even the 3DS.

On the status of video-on-demand services on Switch, Fils-Aime said that such services “are going to come in due time,” pinning the roll-out of them on those companies having their apps ready to go. Pressed if that included Netflix, he said, “You’d have to ask the folks at Netflix. I have [Netflix CEO] Reed [Hasting]’s number.” I requested Fils-Aime call him up to ask. He chuckled, but he did not make the call.

Adding on, Reggie also said that Nintendo Switch loyalty rewards are in the works and will reveal them when the time is right.

Nintendo’s My Nintendo rewards service has yet to offer Switch-specific rewards in terms of game downloads or other perks. Fils-Aime indicated that will change. “There are unique elements coming for Nintendo Switch. We’ll be announcing those in due time. We do believe having a strong loyalty program for all of our products is important and certainly our fans appreciate it.

The full article from Kotaku also covered a few other pointers such as retro games and Miiverse. If you are interested, you can head down to the article here.