Report: More Pokemon Center Singapore Exclusive Products In Development

Report: More Pokemon Center Singapore Exclusive Products In Development

As the month comes to a close, NintendoSoup has yet another report to share with you on Pokemon Center Singapore, which opened on April 17 in Singapore.

First, some background – there are currently a few products exclusive to Pokemon Center Singapore. They include the Pilot and CA Pikachu plushies and mascots with the “SIN” logo emblazoned on their uniforms. Besides these, there’s also an A4 clear file with Pokemon Center Singapore artwork and Pokemon Center Singapore clear case with lanyard.

While most of you are aware that the Pilot and CA Pikachu plushies and mascots are manufactured by The Pokemon Company, the truth is the A4 clear file and clear case with lanyard are not manufactured by The Pokemon Company. Those products are in fact licensed and produced by Avex Asia, another Japanese company with close ties to The Pokemon Company. It’s important to note the distinction between these two categories of products – those manufactured by The Pokemon Company and those by Avex Asia.

Now that we are done with our background info, we can discuss about the future of Pokemon Center Singapore exclusive products. Internal sources have shared and confirmed with us since early April 2019 that more products exclusive to Pokemon Center Singapore are currently in development. However, it is unclear whether the products they were referring to are those produced by The Pokemon Company or Avex Asia.

We have also learned that besides the A4 clear files and clear case with lanyard, Avex Asia had already produced other types of exclusive merchandise for Pokemon Center Singapore, but they were unable to make it on time for launch. We expect to see them appear in the coming months.

This means there is a possibility The Pokemon Company themselves are working on exclusive plushies for Pokemon Center Singapore. But don’t count on seeing them that soon – we expect them to release no earlier than April 17, 2020, the 1st anniversary of the store’s opening.

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Thanks to the various sources who contributed to this report.