Report: Super Famicom Classic Mini Launch In Japan

Report: Super Famicom Classic Mini Launch In Japan

Today the Super Famicom Classic Mini launched in Japan, to the delight of many Nintendo fans young and old.

Twitter user Katzu has once again covered the launch of the Super Famicom Classic Mini this morning at various retailers in Akihabara. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Sofmap Akiba had 900 units up for grabs, and customers had to line up for a lottery to win a chance of buying one.

Although there were plenty of sets, not many people turned up to line up for it. When the lines started to form around 8 in the morning, there were around 100 people. When it ended, only 270 people turned up, far less than the 900 units allocated.

Bic Camera Akiba, which had 800 units available at launch, was pretty much similar. Although they were holding a lottery, 250 people turned up at first, and the line gradually grew to 549 people.

By 1pm Japan Time, Yodobashi Camera, which didn’t hold any lotteries for the Super Famicom Classic Mini, was completely sold out for the day.

We also tracked how the Super Famicom Classic Mini was selling online. Amazon Japan restocked both the Super Famicom Classic Mini as well as a bundle which includes the system, post cards and the official AC adapter. Both lasted for around 27 minutes.

Other online retailers such as Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, 7-Net, and sellers on Rakuten lasted between 5 to 15 minutes.

Overall, it seems that the Super Famicom Classic Mini had decent stock to go around at launch. We have to also add that as today is Thursday in Japan, not many people were able to line up to get one at brick-and-mortar stores. When pre-orders started last month, many more people were lining up to pre-order as it was a Saturday morning.

We believe over the next few months the Super Famicom Classic Mini will be readily available in Japan.

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