Root Letter: Last Answer Voice Cast And New Gameplay Details Revealed

Root Letter: Last Answer Voice Cast And New Gameplay Details Revealed

Previously, we reported on the reveal of Root Letter: Last Answer – which remasters the original Nintendo DS release.

Thanks to the latest issue of Famitsu, we now have new details on the game’s characters and gameplay:

Voice cast

– Aya Fumino (voiced by Noriko Hidaka, live-acted by Ako Yamamoto)
– Yukari Ishihara (voiced by Kikuko Inoue, live-acted by Moa Tsukino)
– Jun Oomori (voiced by Keisuke Koumoto, live-acted by Hideyuki Natsukawa)
– Misaki Murakami (voiced by Hyo-sei, live-acted by Saki Miyamoto)
– Shouta Nodu (voiced by Kazuhiro Sunseki, live-acted by Yoshiaki Tanabe)
– Kousuke Tanaka (voiced by Hiroshi Iwasaki, live-acted by Kai Yamazaki)
– Shouya Watanabe (voiced by Shuusaku Shirakawa, live-acted by Hiroshi Nagasawa)
– Riko Sasaki (voiced by Yumi Touma, live-acted by Arisa Noto)


– features two modes, “Drama Mode” and “Original Mode”
– in Drama Mode, the game’s live-action actors will perform as the characters in the game, both visually and vocally
– the game’s setting of Shimane is also depicted in live-action
– in Original Mode, the game uses Taro Minobosi’s original artwork and original voice cast
– you can switch between these two modes from the title screen
– resolution chapter that reveals the truth of the ending that was previously untold has also been added
– a heart-warming followup story between the protagonist and heroine has also been added
– new branching routes, user interface, a skip feature, trophy acquisition conditions, responses, and route clear icons

The action-adventure visual novel releases December 20 in Japan.


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