The Rough Journey To Get Mega Man 11 Going

The Rough Journey To Get Mega Man 11 Going

It has been a long time since we got a numbered Mega Man game, and getting the eleventh numbered game going after around 7 years of hiatus is not what most will associate with as a smooth ride.

In an article by USGamer, Capcom had a hard time finding out what they wanted to do with the Mega Man franchise after franchise veteran Keiji Inafune left the company. Most of the staff were even uncertain about how to fill Inafune’s role.

A new Mega Man game was even pitched and rejected several times until game director Koji Oda’s pitch finally got approved.  Mega Man 11’s producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya finally then got the approval to produce the new game.

Still, the difficulties never stopped there. The team had to experiment with new and different art styles for the new game. One of the designs for Mega Man even had him become “super masculine” but the idea was scrapped. The team even redesigned levels from Mega Man 5 to 10 to make sure the new art style fits well with classic Mega Man’s sharp movements.

With so much effort being put into the new game, and such huge anticipation among the fans, Mega Man 11 seems to be a great gift from Capcom. If you want to read and learn more about the game, you can head on to USGamer’s article here.