Rumor: Eevee & Tamagotchi Collaboration On The Way

Rumor: Eevee & Tamagotchi Collaboration On The Way

Two wildly popular pet-raising franchises in Japan may soon collide in the most awesome way possible.

A newly-leaked image suggests that The Pokemon Company and Tamagotchi will be teaming up in the future. Apparently, they might have plans to produce special Tamagotchi devices where you can take care of an Eevee!

Take a look at the catalog scan below, along with some details:

  • This is a Tamagotchi Nano that allows you to raise an Eevee.
  • Eevee will evolve into one of its eight evolutions.
  • Get various Eevee, including Ditto Eevee and Team Rocket Eevee.
  • There will be two different shells for the device:
    • Standard Eevee version (brown).
    • “Colorful Friends” version (pink, includes images of Eevee’s evolutions).

Do remember that this product is unconfirmed, as such plans can sometimes change after catalogs are published. Additionally, the source of image has not been verified. We’ll just have to wait and see if The Pokemon Company is really serious about this project!