Rumor: Forza Street Datamine Mentions a Nintendo Switch Port

Rumor: Forza Street Datamine Mentions a Nintendo Switch Port

Microsoft have recently released a spinoff mobile game based on the popular Forza series titled Forza Street which will be coming soon to iOS and Android.

But seems that AR12Gaming have discovered that there is code in the Windows 10 version of the game which suggests a Nintendo Switch version is currently in development!

Check out their statement below:

AR12Gaming has received evidence to suggest that the game might be coming to a fourth platform in the future. A member who goes by the name of Logic in our Discord server… sent me a snippet from the game’s source code which makes several references to Nintendo Switch, along with the aforementioned Android and iOS.

It is safe to assume that we are likely getting a Nintendo Switch version as there is code in the game which allows you to connect to your Nintendo Switch account.

This could mean that an announcement for a Nintendo Switch version of Forza Street could be coming at Xbox’s E3 2019 showcase along with a announcement date for Android and iOS but we can only take this with a grain of salt for now.


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