Rumor: iQue Proposed Creating A Mainline Pokemon Game For The PC In 2004

Rumor: iQue Proposed Creating A Mainline Pokemon Game For The PC In 2004

Recently, Nintendo has been the subject of a massive data leak revealing crucial details and source code for many of its classic titles for franchises such as Mario, Star Fox, Pokemon, and more.

One of the most interesting things that has apparently surfaced from this leak is a proposal from Chinese developer iQue for a mainline Pokemon game on the PC. Originally submitted in 2004, the title would have been an adaptation of Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen, playable offline on the GBA, and online on the PC using the GBA as a controller.

You can find a summary of the proposed features below:

  • The new title would release in 2005, and updated with a tournament mode and “online capture” mode in 2006
  • Offline play would be GBA only, while online play would be available on PC using the GBA as a controller
  • Offline Play (GBA)
    • Map adventure and story based on Firered and Leafgreen
    • Available Pokemon would vary depending on the region
      • Every time the player connected to the internet, Pokemon distribution would be updated depending on region and IP address
      • Weather would also vary based on region
    • Players can have only 36 Pokemon in offline mode (6 in party, 30 in PC Box)
      • Additional Pokemon would be stored in the online server
    • Breeding would not be available in offline mode
  • Online Play (PC)
    • Allows Players to store and withdraw more Pokemon
    • Breeding is available when connected online, egg type will be determined by a number of factors including clock, weather, Pokemon birth rates, and more
    • Players battling in online tournaments will see Pokemon in 3D, using models from Pokemon Coliseum, using the GBA as a controller
    • Treasure Hunt Mode
      • A special mode where players can catch more Pokemon and hunt for treasure
      • PC screen used for 3D display, but still use GBA as controller

Currently, it is not confirmed why this project never really made it past the proposal stage. That said, one or two of the proposed online features share similarities to the Pokemon Dream World and Global Link, so perhaps the general ideas were inspired from iQue’s concept. Given the origins of this information, it is likely we will not be getting any answers any time soon.

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