Rumor: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Has 2 Unannounced Playable Characters

Rumor: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Has 2 Unannounced Playable Characters

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order officially releases this Friday, but some copies are already out there in the wild, leading to some interesting discoveries about the game’s final base roster. Be warned what follows could be considered spoilers for the game.

While it was previously thought that the game’s full roster had already been revealed, players who got the game early have discovered that there seem to be two characters that haven’t been announced.

The first evidence for this comes from the fact that there are 36 visible character slots on the game’s updated character select screen, even though there have only been 34 characters announced so far. This can also be seen in Gamexplain‘s preview video, as shown below:

The next piece of evidence comes from a what’s apparently a pre-order bonus poster shipped with some copies of the game. This poster shows every single revealed character for the roster so far, along with the addition of fan-favorite supervillain Loki. While not exactly hard confirmation, it would be rather odd for Loki to appear in this poster if he wasn’t a playable character in the game.

So far, no further information has surfaced as to who the other character joining Loki as the final reveal for the base roster could be. With game’s launch date of 19th July pretty much less than a day away, we probably won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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