Rumor: Next 3D Mario Game Will Be “Open-World” , Launches On Switch Successor In 2024

Rumor: Next 3D Mario Game Will Be “Open-World” , Launches On Switch Successor In 2024

Zippo, a prominent leaker who has shared correct info in the past, has shared rumors about Nintendo’s future plans for 2024.

The rumors surround upcoming games being developed by Nintendo EPD Tokyo, the studio that developed Super Mario Odyssey. According to Zippo’s sources, EPD Tokyo has been hard at work developing new projects under the same “no deadline” policy as Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Upcoming games they have in the pipeline reportedly include the following:

Princess Peach Showtime

  • Already revealed, the result of Nintendo EPD Tokyo And 3D Mario head Yoshiaki Koizumi pushing for a Princess Peach solo outing.
  • Peach’s castle design is the same one used for Odyssey, as seen in promotional material.

New 2D Donkey Kong Game

  • Different from Mario VS Donkey Kong remake, which was announced earlier this year.
  • Has been moved to Nintendo’s next console, presumably the rumored Switch Successor.

Mario VS Donkey Kong

  • EPD Tokyo is assisting Nintendo Software Technology in America on art direction and other technical aspects.
  • Game runs on a highly upgraded version of the 3D Mario engine, also being used for Princess Peach Showtime as well as a new 3D Mario title.

New 3D Mario Game

  • The first Open-World 3D Mario game, following along the likes of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.
  • Is not a sequel to Odyssey, has an “entirely different direction”.
  • Looks “absolutely jaw-dropping”.
  • Is “THE GAME” for Nintendo in 2024, and will be a launch title for the Switch successor.

As with all rumors of this nature, we caution readers to take them with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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