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a5t, 5q, sii, gtd, y, 0, m9, RUMOR: Nintendo Has Apparently Been Requesting Developers To Make Their Switch Games 4K-Ready | NintendoSoup
RUMOR: Nintendo Has Apparently Been Requesting Developers To Make Their Switch Games 4K-Ready

RUMOR: Nintendo Has Apparently Been Requesting Developers To Make Their Switch Games 4K-Ready

It looks like Nintendo could be preparing for bigger, more powerful version of their hybrid console, after all.

Speaking anonymously to Bloomberg, several third-party developers have shared that Nintendo approached them with requests to make their Switch games capable of supporting 4K resolutions. When asked about this by Bloomberg, Nintendo declined to comment.

This tidbit only seems to further fuel rampant speculation about the company introducing a “Switch Pro” console with more powerful hardware next year. If these conversations between developers and Nintendo are indeed true, it’s possible that this new console will have the power to support sharper images of up to 4K – likely with the additional help of Nvidia’s DLSS AI upscaling techniques found in more recent releases of the Nvidia Shield mobile device.

As always, we advise our readers to take this information with a lot of skepticism, as we really don’t know what Nintendo is planning behind the scenes. Right now, we can only sit back and wait for more possible details in the future.