Rumor: Pokemon Let’s GO’s Mystery Pokemon Is A Pink Whale, Post Game Episode Revealed

Rumor: Pokemon Let’s GO’s Mystery Pokemon Is A Pink Whale, Post Game Episode Revealed

Today we have several pieces of rumored information for Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee yet to be announced by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. All of these information come from 4chan, the same place that accurately leaked details on Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee a month before its reveal.

The first piece of information is the identity of the Champion. It’s said that Red will be the champion in Let’s GO Pikachu, while Blue is the champion in Let’s GO Eevee. There’s going to be a post-game episode called “Beyond Evolution”, where you have to face tougher trainers, along with their higher level Pokemon and Mega Evolutions, all over the Kanto region again.

Next, as you know, you can receive the new 808th Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee by linking Pokemon GO to the game. According to the rumor, the 808th Pokemon is said to be a “little whale” that’s pink in color. We do not know what the name of that pink little whale is.

Other important tidbits include a special pendant that increases different colors in the overworld (you receive this pendant after completing the Pokedex), lots of unlockable content, the ability to play as important trainers such as Sabrina in an online hub after beating them first, and “powerful moves” that could be unleashed by performing motions with the Joy-Con.

A trailer for the new “powerful moves” and Joy-Con controls was said to be released on September 6, the same day as the now postponed Nintendo Direct. The rumor was published on September 3. This gives the rumor a little bit more backing, but still, take it with a pinch of salt until we receive official confirmation.

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