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l2, f, gvr, e1, Rumor: Universal Studios Scraps Plans For Pokemon And Zelda Theme Park | NintendoSoup
Rumor: Universal Studios Scraps Plans For Pokemon And Zelda Theme Park

Rumor: Universal Studios Scraps Plans For Pokemon And Zelda Theme Park

Theme Park University, an authority on theme parks around the world, has reported that Universal Studios has canceled plans to open a Pokemon and Legend of Zelda theme park at all of its major parks.

A few years ago, both Nintendo and Universal Studios officially announced Super Nintendo World, which currently only has a Mario section. Leaked documents after the announcement showed Universal had plans to prominently feature Nintendo at their upcoming “Fantastic Worlds” park at Orlando, a Pokemon area at the former KidsZone area, and a Legend of Zelda area at the Island of Adventure park.

These plans have reportedly been scrapped as Universal does not want to “triple down” and give Nintendo’s IP a presence equivalent to Harry Potter until it’s successful. The company also probably wants to avoid any major flops and is remaining extra cautious.

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