Rumour: Monster Hunter XX Switch Localisation A Possibility

Rumour: Monster Hunter XX Switch Localisation A Possibility

Though it is a long stretch and a bit of deep reading, a recent interview between and Capcom European representative, Klaas Walter, seem to suggest that localisation of Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch might be a possibility.

In the Interview snipper below, Walter mentioned about the Nintendo Switch getting Monster Hunter XX soon. Problem is, Monster Hunter XX is already out in Japan with no mention of overseas localisation. does the release of Monster Hunter: World on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Capcom has decided to refuse to release exclusive games for Nintendo and go to the multi-platform strategy? Or Nintendo, will receive exclusive game series?

Klaas Walter: I wouldn’t say that other platforms won’t get games from us. For example, the Nintendo console Switch will soon get Monster Hunter XX (enhanced remake of Monster Hunter Generations). So that the release of Monster Hunter World does not mean that the series suddenly became exclusive of any of the consoles.

If you look deep into it, Capcom may be suggesting some other Monster Hunter XX for some other region being released, which isn’t a complete impossibility. Still it might also be good to take this with a pinch of salt. In any case, fingers crossed that it will be localised.

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