Panic Button On Bringing Doom To The Nintendo Switch: “Wicked Hard”

Panic Button On Bringing Doom To The Nintendo Switch: “Wicked Hard”

Despite being seasoned with a whole variety of unique features like portability, the Nintendo Switch is not the strongest powerhouse in the console market. This has made porting some graphically intensive games onto the Switch slightly harder.

From an interview with GamesRadar, Panic Button Studios GM, Adam Creighton, voiced his opinions on porting for the Nintendo Switch, in particular, the upcoming Doom.

And as for Doom, its scalable technology made it “more straightforward than maybe it could have been,” but that’s not to say that bringing Doom to the Switch has been a walk in the bloody park

“It’s been hard,” Creighton says. “Wicked hard. But I would expect it to be. This is a title that is so frenetic and action-packed and gameplay-pure that getting it to work correctly on the hardware is really important to us, and we spend a lot of time trying to make sure it measures up from the lens of ‘does it feel like Doom?’”

Despite being wicked hard, Creighton still maintains that he likes the Switch hardware a lot as a gamer.
“As a gamer, I like the hardware,” Creighton says. “A lot. A lot. A lot. As a developer, I’m grateful to be bringing games people don’t expect to the hardware, and when they’re announced, people say ‘Wha–?!’ and then ‘Oh, that makes total sense.’ This might sound defensive, but I’m bummed some gamers focus on framerate or resolution, and don’t focus on, ‘Is it fun?’ or ‘Does gameplay feel good?’ I know we’re working hard to bring quality games to the hardware for which we develop. To make them enjoyable on the TV. To make them enjoyable on the go. I’m proud of my team. We’re working hard, we’re not cutting corners, and we’re not leaving anything on the table.”
Good to hear that there are committed developers out there to bring intensive AAA titles to the Nintendo Switch. The GamesRadar interview covers a lot more games that are ported onto the Switch, if you are interested you can head down to their interview here.