Rune Factory 6 And “Project Dragon” Spin-Off Announced

Rune Factory 6 And “Project Dragon” Spin-Off Announced

During the recent Marvelous Games Showcase, the publisher revealed that two new Rune Factory games are in the works.

The first of these games is Rune Factory 6, which is set to be the next numbered installment in the long-running fantasy farming simulator. The second is Rune Factory: Project Dragon, which is described as a spin-off title set in “the land of the East” that is often referenced in the games but has never been seen. Both these games together make up an “East and West” concept.

Similar to their upcoming Story Of Seasons games, specific platforms were not announced.

You can check out the announcement footage below (from 19:45 to  27:00)

Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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