Samurai Shodown Receives Yoshitora Character Trailer

Samurai Shodown Receives Yoshitora Character Trailer

SNK has unveiled the ninth character-focused trailer for the upcoming Samurai Shodown reboot on consoles.

This next trailer features Yoshitora – an elite samurai with a cocksure attitude. As opposed to his more serious rivals, Yoshitora’s attacks get ridiculous with him using a total of seven swords to overwhelm his opponents!

Check him out in action below:

He is the sole heir to the reigning shogun and former student of Gaoh and Jubei. More interested in women and partying than politics, he runs away from his home, refusing to be the next ruler.

Samurai Shodown will be hitting Nintendo Switch sometime in Winter 2019.

While we await more news, check out previous character trailers below: