Sega Explains Why They Made Team Sonic Racing Instead Of Sega All-Stars

Sega Explains Why They Made Team Sonic Racing Instead Of Sega All-Stars

Team Sonic Racing looks cool and all, but many were hoping for a new All-Stars game when rumors of a new Sega racing game first surfaced. In an interview on Gamesradar, Producer Takashi Iizuka explained why they chose not to go with a new All-Stars title.

According to Iizuka, they simply wanted to do something different from the previous Sonic racing games they had released up until now, similar to how Sega used to release many different types of racing games in the past.

“In the past, Sega used to always release different types of racing games, like Out Run and Daytona, so we have always been releasing a variety of different racing titles. For Team Sonic Racing it was a similar process where we wanted a new type of racing title made instead of just another All-Star game.”

Iizuka also added that he hopes Team Sonic Racing’s unique focus on cooperative gameplay will make for a more fun and pleasant gaming experience, especially when compared to more competitive racing titles.

“When playing racing games with friends, there was always one person who was winning and having a great time, while the other three players were losing and not having as much fun…it sometimes makes the whole game time an unpleasant experience. I wanted to make a racing game where everyone could enjoy playing and winning together, which fed into the idea behind Team Sonic Racing.”

Team Sonic Racing releases on May 19th 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

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