Seven Knights: Time Wanderer Announced for Switch In Japan

Seven Knights: Time Wanderer Announced for Switch In Japan

Fans of the mobile RPG Seven Knights rejoice: Netmarble has announced Seven Knights: Time Wanderer for Switch, set to launch in June 2020 in Japan!

Based on the popular mobile game, which has been downloaded over 60 million times worldwide, Seven Knights: Time Wanderer is a single-player RPG with an original story. Unlike the original mobile game, players will encounter and recruit characters as they progress through the story instead of obtaining them via a gacha system.

The story focuses on Vanessa, the eighth member of the titular Seven Knights, who carries a talking hourglass named Sandy. It depicts her journey to return safely after falling into a space-time distortion. Along her journey, she will encounter familiar faces from the mobile game who can join her party.

You can watch the game’s teaser trailer and gameplay footage below. The gameplay in the second video is shown from  0:41 to 0:48.

Currently, there is no further information regarding localization outside of Japan, but we’ll report back on any new updates about this title. Stay tuned!