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jm, o, i8a, l17, wy, Sip On Pokemon Detective Pikachu Coffee At Roasted Coffee Laboratory In Japan | NintendoSoup
Sip On Pokemon Detective Pikachu Coffee At Roasted Coffee Laboratory In Japan

Sip On Pokemon Detective Pikachu Coffee At Roasted Coffee Laboratory In Japan

Warner Bros., The Pokemon Company, and Roasted Coffee Laboratory have announced a Pokemon Detective Pikachu collaboration in Japan.

For one month starting April 26, 2019, select Roasted Coffee Laboratory locations across Japan will offer special Pokemon Detective Pikachu themed coffee. Items on the special menu include the following:

Strong Coffee

Tapioca Milk Coffee

Coffee Shake

Select Roasted Coffee Laboratory locations will also sell a Drinking Bag BOX featuring Detective Pikachu. And from April 26 to April 30, purchase any Pokemon Detective Pikachu coffee to receive a Detective Pikachu can badge for free (limited to the first 30 each day for each store).


Last but not least, the Roasted Coffee Laboratory Roppongi store will soon receive a Pokemon Detective Pikachu makeover. We’ll bring you more details next week!

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