Six-Month Anniversary And Pokemon Day Events Now Live For Pokemon Masters

Six-Month Anniversary And Pokemon Day Events Now Live For Pokemon Masters

The long-awaited Six-Month Anniversary and Pokemon Day Events are now live for Pokemon Masters.

From today until March 15 2020, the following events will be running as part of the celebrations. If you wish to find out more about each event, clicking the links will take you to the Pokemon Masters News Page discussing them in detail.

  • Sync Pair Scouts
    • Red & Charizard Pokefair Scout
      • Sygna Suit Red & Charizard
      • Limited time Sync Pair Scout with a special bonus: for every one copy pulled, 100 Sync Orbs will be rewarded to players.
      • All other non-limited 5* sync pairs are available at increased rates
    • Elesa & Rotom Spotlight Scout
      • Higher chance to pull Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom
  • “A Shining Star” Special Story Event
    • New type of Story Event where players must earn event currency to progress and obtain rewards.
    • Event Currency drop rates can be increased by having the following Sync Pairs on your team.
      • Elesa & Rotom
      • Elesa & Zebstrika
      • Skyla & Swanna
  • Battle Villa Grand Opening
    • New Single Player Challenge mode where players battle through many levels to obtain rewards.
    • Lucky Cookies and Lucky Scrolls, needed to unlock Lucky Skills, can only be obtained from this mode.
    • Battle Villa seems to operate in “seasons” with this one ending on March 15th.
    • More details about Battle Villa can be found here.
  • Six Month Anniversary Celebration Log-In Bonus And Missions
    • Special missions and a new log-in bonus for Six-Month Anniversary, offering 10,000 gems.
    • Lurking Shadow Event and Dark-Type Sync Pair Scout coming soon.
  • Pokemon Day 3000 Gem gift.

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