Six New Pokemon Plushies Announced For Pokemon Center

Six New Pokemon Plushies Announced For Pokemon Center

With the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, The Pokemon Company is letting the celebrations go on with the release of 6 new Pokemon plushies from the second generation of Pokemon games, Gen 5, and Gen 7.

Update: Available for purchase now! Buy here.

Joltik, which is considered as a very small Pokemon in the video games, will literally see a lifesize plush (0.1m tall) released for the first time. It’ll cost 1,200 yen.

The same goes for Cutiefly (from Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is 0.1m tall in the video games. It’ll cost 1,200 yen.

Other plushies include fan-favortie Sentret (1,500 yen)…

Furret, which is slightly more expensive due to its size (2,000 yen)…

The adorable Water-type Pokemon Marill (1,500 yen)…

And finally, Wooper (1,500 yen).

The new batch of plushies are scheduled to launch on October 7, 2017 at Pokemon Centers, Stores, and Amazon Japan. We’ll update you once it’s available for purchase on Amazon Japan (eligible for international shipping).