Smash Ultimate Sales Crosses 3 Million Units In Japan

Smash Ultimate Sales Crosses 3 Million Units In Japan

According to the latest sales data published by Famitsu, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has finally crossed 3 million units sold in Japan.

It should be noted however that this figure is based on Smash Ultimate’s retail sales in Japan only. Digital sales weighed in at around 800,000 copies based on December 2018’s estimates, which could mean the total sales for Smash Ultimate in Japan is actually closer to 4 million. We expect that this number is only going to increase with the new DLC fighters and rumored new modes on the way.

Interestingly, while it was previously reported that Smash Ultimate had surpassed Splatoon 2’s retail sales according to Media Creates’ data, Smash Ultimate is still about 28,000 units behind Splatoon 2 according to Famitsu’s report. That said, it is likely only a matter of time before Smash Ultimate overtakes Splatoon 2 on Famitsu’s charts as well.

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