Sonic Creator Yuji Naka “Feels Responsible” For Sonic’s Awful Movie Trailer

Sonic Creator Yuji Naka “Feels Responsible” For Sonic’s Awful Movie Trailer

Previously, we reported that Sonic’s original creator Yuji Naka was also befuddled (like everyone else) by Sonic’s bizarre movie design. While everyone has been busy blaming Paramount, however, Naka-san revealed that his own hands might not be totally clean either.

The ex-SEGA developer recently confirmed on Twitter that Sonic’s CGI look was likely the handiwork of Marza Animation Planet – an animation arm of SEGA Japan! Naka-san further mused that since he created Marza, he was technically responsible for Sonic’s latest movie trailer:

“Seeing the unfavorable reaction to Hollywood Sonic reminded me of this, but it looks like the CG is being made by Marza. Marza used to be Sega Visual Entertainment which I made, so I feel like I have some responsibility for it.”

Whether he meant this in jest or not, Naka-san still seems willing to give his beloved mascot another chance. After mentioning the above tidbit, Naka-san admitted that he did have an interest in seeing how the film actually fares for himself:

“After watching it a few times, I’ve started to get used to how Sonic looks. When stopped, it seems pretty out of place, but Sonic isn’t supposed to be motionless and it’s better when he’s moving. Eggman left a good impression. I’m looking forward to it.”

How about you? Are you willing to be as forgiving as Yuji Naka and give Sonic’s Hollywood debut a watch? Let us know with your comments below.

(Thanks for the translations, Nick Mosier.)