Sonic Mania Developers Begin A New Video Game Studio Titled “Evening Star”

Sonic Mania Developers Begin A New Video Game Studio Titled “Evening Star”

Today, we have some amazing news to share with fans of the Sonic The Hedgehog series!

The development team behind Sonic Mania have now opened a brand new video game studio titled “Evening Star” which will use the Retro Engine (Sonic Mania’s game engine) at its core!

Check out this tweet announcing it below:

The company description reads:

Evening Star

Evening Star is a boutique game studio founded in late 2018. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with operations in Melbourne and London, Evening Star’s mission is designing fresh, fun games which will stand the test of time.

For Evening Star, being a “boutique” game studio has a specific meaning. Every member pursues a goal to make their own great games. By encouraging strong technical foundations in every discipline, members are given a voice and latitude to impact games in unique ways. By reinvigorating gaming history’s more cunning techniques, the team boldly explores directions long since left behind. With that driving approach, and a proprietary engine and tool set, Evening Star has developed an innovative workflow which minimizes the barriers between ideas and execution.

Creating games that shine bright… Evening Star casts a light into the future.


This is very exciting at could even hint at a brand new classic Sonic game coming from Evening Star! But this could also be the team wanting to work on other projects which is still very exciting!


If we have any more information to share we will cover it here at NintendoSoup so stay tuned for more!