Sony Survey Asks PS4 Owners If They Would Like Remote Play On Nintendo Switch

Sony Survey Asks PS4 Owners If They Would Like Remote Play On Nintendo Switch

It seems like something might be brewing behind the scenes at Sony, and it may just involved none other than Nintendo’s Switch!

Several PS4 owners are receiving a new survey that asks them about their interest in possible new PS4 features. Most intriguing out of these, however, is one question that asks if PS4 owners would like to use Remote Play on various devices like AppleTV, AndroidTV…and the Nintendo Switch!

As observed by u/YouRedditHereFirst, the survey questions were roughly as follows:

“I just took a survey for Sony regarding their Remote Play and there were some interesting questions that possibly hint at upcoming features.

  1. Using Remote Play with a PS4 not connected to the Internet.

  2. Playing Remote Play on a Switch, AppleTV, AndroidTV

  3. Hiding unused controls for the game to allow for more screen real estate

  4. A slim/portable DualShock controller for portable gaming

  5. Exclusive maps/accessories for Remote Play

  6. Customizable button layout

  7. Connecting other controllers (Xbox) and mouse/keyboard

  8. Offline Remote Play

  9. PS1 and PS2 games

  10. Parental controls to allow for multiple users to use Remote Play at the same time.”

For those out of the loop, Remote Play basically allows PS4 owners to stream the output from their console onto other devices – such as the PS Vita and even Windows PCs. If Sony were to actually add Remote Play to Switch, that means gaming folks would be able to experience their PS4 exclusives on a Nintendo system!

Of course, all of this may just be Sony scouting around for interest right now. We’ll report back if anything else develops in the future.