Star Fox Characters Based on Their Developers

Star Fox Characters Based on Their Developers

In a recently released Nintendo Q&A session with Shigeru Miyamoto, Takaya Imamura, and Tsuyoshi Watanabe (link). The Developers of Star Fox talked about the origins of the character design in the Star Fox franchise.

In the interview, the trio shared tidbits on how the characters of Star Fox were based on the various developers in the office.

Imamura: But there’s something I still haven’t talked about. The faces of the characters on Team Star Fox are based on staff members at the time.

Imamura: Fox has a fox-like face like Miyamoto.

Miyamoto: (laughs)

Imamura: Falco is Watanabe. At the time, we laughed over how his nose sticks out like a beak! (laughs)

Watanabe: (laughs)

Imamura: Director Katsuya Eguchi11 has a mouth like a hare’s, so he became the hare, Peppy. Planner Yoichi Yamada12 has large, round eyes, so he became Slippy Toad.

Miyamoto: Yamada’s personal mascot has always been a toad anyway. (laughs)

Imamura: And the villain Andross is…I shouldn’t say. (laughs)

Miyamoto: Yes, you can’t say this one! (laughs)

Imamura: (softly) Andross is my boss at the time. (laughs)

The Q&A also cover a variety of other things like the SNES and production of Star Fox 2, so do check it out here.