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86, ly6, 2, 7bx, qv0, vu, SteamWorld Developer's Tactical Trail-Defense 'Anthill' Crawls Its Way To Switch On October 24th | NintendoSoup
SteamWorld Developer’s Tactical Trail-Defense ‘Anthill’ Crawls Its Way To Switch On October 24th

SteamWorld Developer’s Tactical Trail-Defense ‘Anthill’ Crawls Its Way To Switch On October 24th

Image & Form, the developers of the SteamWorld franchise, is launching a tower defense game for the Nintendo Switch!

Anthill is a gorgeous tactical trail-defense game which features ants as playable creatures. It will be launching via the Switch eShop on 24th October 2019 for USD 9.99. According to Image & Form, the game is purely dedicated to handheld play and won’t require a television set for players to fully enjoy the game.

Check out the trailer below:

We’re happy to announce that our best game ever – Anthill – hits Nintendo Switch on October 24th for $9.99/€9.99!

  • Tactical trail-defense based on ants
  •  Draw! Strike! Defend! Eat what you kill!
  •  100% dedicated to handheld play – perfect for Switch Lite!