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bw, s9, Streets Of Rage 4 Limited Collector's Edition Revealed, Pre-Orders Open May 1 | NintendoSoup
Streets Of Rage 4 Limited Collector’s Edition Revealed, Pre-Orders Open May 1

Streets Of Rage 4 Limited Collector’s Edition Revealed, Pre-Orders Open May 1

Want to get the flashiest edition of Streets of Rage 4 possible? You might want to pay attention to Limited Run Games this week.

The publisher has confirmed that it will be opening pre-orders for an even larger Limited Collector’s Edition of the game on 1 May 2020 (10am & 6pm ET). The massive $149.99 USD bundle contains everything from the Classic Edition Bundle (the game, Genesis-style case, Steelbook) plus extras such as a 7-inch statue, artbook, soundtrack, and more!

The cover artwork of the Collector’s Edition box will also be that of the soundtrack release by Brave Wave Productions – featuring artwork by Hitoshi Ariga (Mega Man Megamix) and Ayano Koshiro (ActRaiser 2).

What do you think? Will you throwing down everything to grab this titanic collector’s item? Be sure to watch out when pre-orders open on Limited Run Games’ website on Friday – as will only be a limited number of copies available!