Suda51 Explains The Gameplay Of Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes

Suda51 Explains The Gameplay Of Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes

When Travis Touch: No More Heroes was shown during the Nindies Summer Showcase, there was a strong focus on retro gaming, which didn’t look anything like traditional No More Heroes gameplay.

Here’s what the developer of Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes, Suda51, has to say about the gameplay of the collaboration title.

The No More Heroes franchise has typically been that Travis is an assassin and he’s fighting other assassins. It’s kind of like a fun slash ’em up kind of game. There will be parts like that in this game as well, but this new game is focusing mainly on Travis going further inside the [retro game system]. Inside the game, there are going to be six different games that Travis can enter into. As you said, they’re kind of like retro style games. Each of those kind of retro style games has its own set of rules and I wanted to focus on how Travis would interact with the individual rules and the individual vibe from each game. So this time, the gameplay is going to be based on those six individual games and how Travis fights through those, and how he’s able to get through them.

See the full interview here.

Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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