Suda51 Explains Why Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes Is A Switch Exclusive

Suda51 Explains Why Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes Is A Switch Exclusive

In an interview with Engadget, Suda51, the developer of Travis Touchdown: No More Heroes, explains why the title is going to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

As Suda51 has mentioned in the past, he feels that the Switch is a “punk” and revolutionary console,. With the immense support Nintendo is providing him with the development of Travis Touchdown, he feels it’d be the perfect platform for the game.

Full comments can be found below.

I’ve been working with Nintendo since the first two No More Heroes games, and they have always offered an immense amount of support and have always been willing to allow me to try new things and make the games I want to make. Just as the Wii was revolutionary in its time, with its motion controls and its various features, the Switch is also a revolutionary console, and I feel that the Switch and Nintendo are really the most “punk” console and maker out there, doing things that nobody else has done yet.

On top of that, as always, Nintendo has been extremely supportive and helpful throughout development of Travis Strikes Again as they were with the first two titles. And in addition to the ease and comfort of working with them, I also simply felt that the Switch would be the perfect platform on which to bring Travis back, from the first time I saw it demonstrated back when it was still called the “NX”.



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