Sumikko Gurashi: Atsumare! Sumikko Town Heading To Switch In Japan

Sumikko Gurashi: Atsumare! Sumikko Town Heading To Switch In Japan

Sumikko Gurashi: Atsumare! Sumikko Town, a town building game featuring Sumikko Gurashi characters, is heading to Nintendo Switch on October 4, 2018 in Japan.

Build your town and enjoy heartwarming communication with the other Sumikko Gurashi characters that reside in it.

Check out more details and screenshots below.

Build Your Own Town

Build your own “Sumikko Town” by placing buildings such as cutely designed houses and shops atop a huge field. The goal is to create “comfortable town” so that the the Sumikko assemble one by one.

Witness the Sumikko Lifestyle

Witness the comical lifestyle of the Sumikko that unfolds in the town you create. Watch them walk with each other in town or relax in the houses you built.

Meddle with the Sumikko

Intervene in the lives of the Sumikko in your town as you wish. Give them food, change their outfits, carry them places with the series’ familiar “Rigged Claw,” and more. Also, the Sumikko living in your town may even ask what you want them to do.

Play Eight Minigames with Family and Friends

You can play minigames by placing specific buildings in the game. There are a total of eight minigames, and all eight support four-player single Joy-Con per player local multiplayer.

Sumikko Fortune-Telling

The “Sumikko Fortune-Telling” corner is a new element where the Sumikko become fortune-tellers and predict the player’s fortune and affinities with family and friends. Affinities can be predicted for up to four people.

Collection Elements

As you progress through the game, you can enjoy collection elements as you obtain various items by clearing missions, drawing raffles, and more.