Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Story & Original Mission Mode Revealed

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Story & Original Mission Mode Revealed

Previously, Bandai Namco revealed Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission for Nintendo Switch. The card-battling game will include 1,160 cards and 350 characters from the Dragon Ball series.

Today, the game’s official website has updated with more information on the game. We finally get a glimpse at its story, and new details on “original mission mode” – where players can create and share card battles with each other!

Check out the translated details below, courtesy of Gematsu:

■ Story

This is the story of a new “Hero” in the world of Dragon Ball.

This is a world where the super warriors that were once active are now treated as heroes. With the technology of Capsule Corporation, a card game called “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” based on those super warriors was developed.

A boy named Beat, who visits Hero Town—where “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” is the biggest craze—is captivated by the “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” tournament shown on the video display in town, and steps into that world.

Beat: A Boy Who Visits Hero Town

A boy who encounters “Dragon Ball Heroes” for the first time upon visiting Hero Town. He enters a tournament out of curiosity, where Great Saiyaman 3 recognizes his qualities. As one of the “Dragon Ball Heroes,” he will change the fate of the world in a big way.

Great Saiyaman 3: The Charismatic Master of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes”

A mysterious hero and the charismatic master of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” in Hero Town. He picks up on the disasters occurring in the world and is looking for someone to face the threat alongside him.

The suddenly lost real world and the game world, and the qualities of the hero tested within it.

“Will you lend me your strength?”

The existence of a card game led to villainous super warriors suddenly appearing in the real world!

Disasters seem to occur even in the in-game Dragon Ball history!

Go to the game world from the “Hero Lab” with the “Hero Switch,” which is equipped with the functionality to “transfer to the game world.”

Become one of the “Dragon Ball Heroes” alongside friends and save the world!

■ Mode: Original Mission

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Created by You

Create, share, and play original missions with the cards you collected!

Many missions exist in Super Dragon Ball Heroes for you to challenge. Depending on the missions you choose, the characters that fight, the number of characters, and their strength will change, and you will be able to experience various Dragon Ball battles the more you fight.


Create your own strongest deck by freely mixing and matching the cards you obtained. Set things like character strength and movements per turn, mission clear conditions, and more as you like.

Enhanced in Super Dragon Ball Heroes include:

  • Special Move Accessories – Customize your favorite characters with your favorite special moves. (For example, give Trunks “Spirit Bomb” or Zamasu “Destruction.) Create your very own Dragon Ball.
  • Charge Impact Settings Enhanced – Set Charge Impact according to five stage settings for four types. Choose from the four types and set the strength for each type. The four types are “Attack Type,” “Defense Type,” “Balance Type,” and “Gamble Type.”
  • Many other items can also be adjusted – Create your very own dream missions with detailed settings.
    • Set Play Restrictions – Limit the number of cards and the rarity of cards.
    • Set Background Music – The Super Dragon Ball Heroes theme music is also implemented.
    • Set Rewards – Choose and set rewards from five types.


Make the missions you create public for everyone to see. By making your missions public, players can play your mission to get rewards. Try to create a popular mission and make it to the top of the rankings!


Play the various missions created by your rivals. Choose a popular mission or choose a random one. How you play is up to you!