Super Nintendo World Is Becoming Taller In Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World Is Becoming Taller In Universal Studios Japan

Today, Japanese Universal Studios blog USJ Information Channel gave an update on the construction progress of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

First, please take a look at this photo. As you can tell there are three colored sections. The red section, section 1, is described as a super big building. Section 2 (blue) is a “flat but spacious structure”. Section 3 (green), is a comparatively large building.

So what can we tell about these attractions? Section 1 appears to be the main Super Nintendo World attraction, while Section 2 is most likely a car park with multiple floors. Section 3, the first building constructed for Super Nintendo World, currently has an unknown purpose. It’s speculated to be a warehouse.

Section 1 is expected to look like this:

Construction is progressing rapidly. Tall cranes can now be spotted from other areas of the park, such as the Harry Potter and Water World attractions.

However, there’s another point we have to take note of – the orange space shown below. There isn’t anything built there yet, so perhaps it could be used as space for a future Super Nintendo World extension.

Don’t forget to check out the previous report to have a visualization of how Super Nintendo World will look like. Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open in Osaka, Japan in 2020.

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