Super Nintendo World original concept art and details have been leaked

Super Nintendo World original concept art and details have been leaked

Over the past few weeks, computer renderings from Super Nintendo World’s original pitch found their way onto the Internet. And now, a new round of details and concept art have been leaked.

This information primarily concerns Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando, but we can expect to see certain parts of the park (such as the Mario Kart ride) replicated at Universal Studios Osaka and Hollywood. In addition, several attractions and areas that are shown here have been changed or cut from the final plans.

According to Parkscope, Peach’s Castle was originally planned to be the entrance to Super Nintendo World. The castle would have led into a large indoor area featuring Nintendo World Store, a
“Pokemon area”, Luigi’s Pizza restaurant, a “small tea cups like ride with Koopas”, and a “Bullet Bill TTA-like ride”.

A Kirby area for young children was also planned. It would have featured “one ride and a kids wet/dry play area”. However, Parkscope believes the Kirby area has been cut from the final plans.

The next area is Donkey Kong Island, which is inspired by the Donkey Kong Country games. Two attractions were planned for Donkey Kong Island – a “large kids play area tree fort”, which Parkscope isn’t sure whether it is still being planned, and an outdoor coaster based on the boom coaster patent which remains in the final plans.

An area for The Legend of Zelda was pitched as well. It would have featured famous places from the games such as the Great Deku Tree and Kokiri Village. The concept art above shows a preshow with Princess Zelda. A ride featuring the “puzzle moving theater” patent was also planned. It is believed that The Legend of Zelda area didn’t make it into the final plans.

Finally we have a first look at how the Mario Kart attraction will most likely look like. Parkscope claims the attraction will “retain the same scope and scale as the concept art”. Some form of augmented reality will be used to project bananas, shells, and other items on the track. However, how this would be implemented is yet to be finalized.

A Bowser’s Airship ride and Luigi’s Mansion play area could also be seen in the concept art, but there’s no word on these attractions making it to the final plan.

A “Yoshi dark ride” is expected to be coming to the final version of Super Nintendo World, which is an “all ages ride aboard Yoshi ride vehicles”. As Phase 1 of Super Nintendo World will heavily feature Mario and Donkey Kong, it’s expected the Kirby area, Legend of Zelda area, and other attractions will be appearing in future expansions.

Check out more concept art and renderings of Super Nintendo World below.