Surprise Attack Games Renames Itself Fellow Traveller

Surprise Attack Games Renames Itself Fellow Traveller

Indie games publisher Surprise Attack Games has been rebranded itself to Fellow Traveller. The rebranding comes with a new focus on funding, supporting and publishing unusual games, especially those with narrative at their core.

Fellow Traveller will be bringing more games to Nintendo Switch in the future. To celebrate the rebranding, FRAMED Collection is now 40% off on the Switch eShop.

Watch the trailer and read the press release below.

Surprise Attack was founded in 2011 as an indie games marketing consultancy and is celebrating its fifth anniversary as a publishing label this month. Best known for Hacknet, Orwell and Screencheat, the company was founded by former THQ executive Chris Wright after the closure of developers Blue Tongue and THQ Studio Australia.

The label has always had a taste for the surprising but published a diverse and eclectic range of projects such as party FPS Screencheat, steampunk mini-golf adventure Vertiginous Golf, quick-time quick-draw duelling game Western Press and the award-winning surveillance thriller series, Orwell.

Relaunching as Fellow Traveller, it will now focus entirely on working with developers that are pushing the boundaries of what games can be and exploring new ways for the medium to approach narrative. Upcoming titles include the lonely goat farming game, The Stillness of the Wind, VR echolocation thriller, Blind, and Genesis Noir, a noir adventure set before, during and after the Big Bang.

“The indie scene has matured and evolved since I started Surprise Attack in 2011. Back then the idea of an indie publisher was seen as an oxymoron but today there is a large and mature group of indie labels with more launching all the time,” said Chris Wright, Managing Director, Fellow Traveller. “Just like the indie record labels that inspired us to start the company, we want to build a reputation for a particular flavour of game. We believe this is the next step for indie labels to help developers stand out in an increasingly crowded market and help gamers find the kind of game they love. We’re all about the weird and the wonderful and pushing the boundaries of how games tell stories. We hope to attract both the developers and gamers who are into our kind of game to join us on this journey.”