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A Look At More Out-Of-Bounds Secrets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons [UPDATE] | NintendoSoup
Take A Look At More Out-Of-Bounds Secrets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons [UPDATE]

Take A Look At More Out-Of-Bounds Secrets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons [UPDATE]

Curious about even more secrets behind the visuals of Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, here’s another deep dive into the inner workings of the game!

Youtuber Shesez, creator of the ‘Boundary Break’ series, is back with another out-of-bounds peek at the life-sim title. This time, he takes the lid off other aspects of the game – such as what objects are actually modeled from behind, and more!

Check it out below:

Want to see other out-of-bounds secrets in the game? You can watch an earlier Boundary Break episode for Animal Crossing: New Horizons over here!

[UPDATE: Unfortunately, it seems like Nintendo has taken action to strike down Shesez’s video above – rendering it unwatchable at the time of writing. You can watch the creator’s follow-up message on this below]