Take A Look At The Menu Of Taiwan’s Pokemon Cafe

Take A Look At The Menu Of Taiwan’s Pokemon Cafe

Food Play, who is undertaking the task of running the Taiwanese Pokemon Cafe has just released their cafe menu, as well as, instructions to visitors.

The cafe, which is going to be officially launched this Saturday, 2 December 2017, after a little more than a week of trial run, is expecting to see huge crowds due to the holiday season. As a result, here are the following advisories:

  1. The cafe opens at 11:30. Once the cafe is full, fans can leave their phone number and obtain a queue number. The cafe will take no reservations.
  2. As seats are limited, a maximum of only 8 people are allowed per queue number. If you have more than 8 people in your party, you will have to obtain an additional queue number.
  3. When your queue number is approaching, an SMS will be sent to your phone, do ensure that your cellular connectivity is not interrupted and pay attention to the notifications. You should proceed to the cafe venue immediately as seats are only being saved for 15 mins after the SMS was sent.
  4. You can also scan the QR code on the queue number receipt to monitor the queue number progress
  5. Alternatively, if you are close to the cafe, you can head in when your queue number flashes on the screen at the entrance.
  6. The cafe will only admit you when all the guest has arrived.

It is also useful to note that the 10% off during the trial period will no longer be valid once the cafe officially opens, so prices will return to normal.

Without further ado, here’s the menu (though pardon my translation as some of the names are really too fancy) :

Fried Items:

Pikachu French Fries NT$250
Pokemon Fried Fish Fingers NT$300
Pokemon Beef and Cheese Shortbread NT$320
Pikachu Prawn and Mashed Potato Salad NT$320

Light Meals (Comes With Hot/Cold Tea):

Pikachu Fish Burger NT$380
Charmander Turkey and Cheese Burger  NT$380
Pokemon Power Up Breakfast NT$390


Demon Chicken Tigh Pasta NT$350
Tempura Mentaiko Noodles NT$320
Pikachu Sausage Pumpkin Rice NT$320
Pikachu Prawn Omurice NT$300


Pikachu Cake (3D Styled as pictured) NT$280
Pokeball Dessert (Lower Center In Picture) NT$280
Pokeball Mango Chesse Cake NT$180


Pokeball Berries Mouse NT$220
Great Ball Tropical Cake (I know it does not look like a Cake, but trust me on this) NT$180
Pikachu Ice-cream (Cone) NT$160


Electrifying Orange NT$180
Bubbly Blue Citrus NT$180
Fiery Pomegranate NT$180
Drifty Elderberry (literally means flying leaves of the Elderberry) NT$180

Coffee Items (Pokemon Designs Are Available With Lattes):

(Iced/Hot) Latte NT$180
(Iced/Hot) Americano NT$150
(Iced/Hot) Salted Caramel Latte NT$190
(Iced/Hot) Rose Latte NT$190
(Iced) Matcha Latte NT$190
(Iced/Hot) Creme Brulée Latte NT$190
(Iced/Hot) Banana Latte NT$190

Specialty Tea

(Iced/Hot) Caramel Apple Tea NT$140
(Iced/Hot) Fruit Tea NT$140
(Iced/Hot) Peach and Honeydew Tea NT$140 (To be very honest, I’m 100% certain  this is correct as it is not very specific, it literally means Double Honey Fresh Fruits Tea, which can be peach or honeydew… or both… )


So that’s the stuff you can look out for at the Taiwanese Pokemon Cafe. Do take note of the advisory and plan ahead if you wish to pay the place a visit. It is located at 萬華區武昌街二段77號2樓, 108 Taipei, Taiwan, you can click on the address to see it on a map. It is on the 2nd floor, unit 77.