Team Rainbow Rocket Events, Merchandise, And More Hitting Pokemon Center In 2018

Team Rainbow Rocket Events, Merchandise, And More Hitting Pokemon Center In 2018

The Pokemon Company has announced details on its full fledged Team Rainbow Rocket campaign for Pokemon Center in 2018.

This campaign will take place between January 20 to March 11, 2018 and comprises of a four major parts.

First up Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan will be distributing event Pokemon that belong to each villain part of Team Rainbow Rocket. The Pokemon that is given away will rotate every week at different locations. Full schedule can be found here (in Japanese).

  • Giovanni’s Nidoking
  • Maxie’s Crobat
  • Archie’s Mightyena
  • Cyrus’ Honchkrow
  • Ghetsis’ Cofagrigus
  • Lysandre’s Mienshao

Real life counterparts of the Team Rainbow Rocket villains and Pikachu mascots who dress up like them will appear at Pokemon Center locations every week during the campaign. Once again the villain and Pikachu that appears will be rotated each week. Full schedule here (in Japanese).

During the duration of the campaign, Pokemon Center and Store purchases above 2000 yen will receive a complimentary Team Rainbow Rocket Pikachu message card. The design cannot be chosen as it’s random, while stocks last.

Customers who purchase 5 or more Pokemon TCG expansion packs (any series) will receive a complimentary Pokemon TCG promo card featuring one of the six Team Rainbow Rocket Pikachu and a Team Skull Boss Pikachu. Again the card will be given out at random and while stocks last.

Last but not least The Pokemon Company is planning two merchandise lines which will be released at Pokemon Center and Amazon Japan in 2018. The first features all of the Team Rainbow Rocket villains, while the second features the Team Rainbow Rocket Pikachu (we’re going to assume they are going to be plushies for this). Details will be released on December 22, 2017, so please stay tuned.