Team Rocket Announces Its Full Plans To Recruit 10 Million People

Team Rocket Announces Its Full Plans To Recruit 10 Million People

Recently we reported Team Rocket’s plans to recruit a large number of people in Saga prefecture, Japan. The plans have now been elaborated on, during an official press conference organized by Saga prefecture’s government.

First up, Team Rocket plans to recruit at least 10 million people into its ranks. They hope to achieve this by attracting people from all over Japan and outside of it, since Saga only has 820,000 people after all.

The campaign is part of a celebration for the 1000th Pokemon anime episode that is scheduled to air in Japan on November 9.

To show that they’re serious, Saga governor Yamaguchi Yoshinori dressed up as Team Rocket boss Giovanni, and is now in charge of the area called “Sagaki”. Sakaki is Giovanni’s name in Japanese, and Saga is the prefecture.

The Team Rocket campaign will feature launching a Meowth hot air balloon into the air during the Saga International Balloon Festival between November 1 to 5. On November 26, 1000 Team Rocket members will work together using themselves to form a shape of Pikachu.

As part of the campaign, there will be a stamp rally guiding Team Rocket members to collect stamps at sightseeing spots and restaurants across Saga.

Right below you can see Saga governor Yoshinori’s office, transformed into a temporary Team Rocket HQ.

There’s something to do online too. By tweeting a few hashtags, Team Rocket recruits enter a special contest for a chance to win an official Team Rocket T-shirt.

Lastly, from October 31 to January 8, Team Rocket themed lights will go on display at the Saga Light Fantasy 2017 event.

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