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794, s3y, 45x, q, r, Team Rocket Hot Air Balloon Spotted Flying Over Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund | NintendoSoup
Team Rocket Hot Air Balloon Spotted Flying Over Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund

Team Rocket Hot Air Balloon Spotted Flying Over Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund

This week, the first Pokemon GO Fest for Europe commenced in Dortmund. Aside from all the planned activities, participants also spotted a fun surprise in the skies above.

Apparently, Niantic themselves flew a Team Rocket themed hot air balloon over the event just a few hours ago! It’s not the Meowth-shaped one, but the ominous black with a red ‘R’ might be hinting at something to come…

Check it out below.

What do you think? Could more Team Rocket shenanigans be landing in Pokemon GO? Let us know your thoughts below!