Temtem: Swarm Spin-Off Game Announced

Temtem: Swarm Spin-Off Game Announced

Crema and GGTech Studios have announced Temtem: Swarm, a spin-off for their monster collecting MMO Temtem.

Temtem: Swarm is a roguelike “survivors” game similar to Vampire Survivors, where players collect Tems and use them to combat waves of enemies. At the time of this writing, specific console ports have yet to be confirmed.

Check out the trailer below, along with some additional details:


Can you survive the swarm? Unlock mighty abilities and upgrades, find and collect Tems to evolve and become stronger, discover overpowered strategies, and battle massive bosses in this survivor-like bullet heaven! Play solo or online co-op with up to threeplayers, building the wildest synergies.

Temtem: Swarm combines the minimalistic gameplay of classic survivor games with Temtem‘s strategy-based combat mechanics, giving you the potential to develop a multi-faceted strategy in a vibrant environment alongside creatures you already know and love.

  • Team Up to Survive the Swarm – Up to three friends can face relentless swarms of Tems together. Strategize, share resources(or don’t!), and take down increasingly more powerful bosses. Maximize your attack potential by coordinating gears and skills with precision timing, creating overpowered synergies. The ultimate test of teamwork and survival awaits!
  • Booming Boss Battles – Conquer each stage by defeating challenging mini-bosses and formidable stage bosses with devastating abilities. Strategize, pivot, and prove your skills as you face off against powerful Tems like Gharunder, Yowlar, and Nessla. Only the boldest will emerge victorious – so gear up to defeat them and clear every hand-crafted stage before the swarm overwhelms you!
  • Unleash Unstoppable Ultimates – You have incredible power at your command. Choose when to tap into your Tem’s full potential and unleash devastating attacks, defensive abilities, or power-ups that help you and your friends clear the map in one fell swoop. With great power comes great responsibility…are you up to the task?
  • Evolve to Endure – Adaptation is the key to surviving and your Tems are built for it! Collect XP after defeating enemies to level up, grow stronger, and unlock your final evolution. Each evolution brings massive power-ups to your skills and strength. Are you prepared to evolve and endure in this exciting adventure?
  • Discover All the Tems – Collect and capture every available Tem to unlock their powerful Traits and unique Ultimate abilities. Experience the magic of every Tem and master them in both solo and co-op modes to rise to the challenge!
  • Revive and Thrive – Getting pummeled by Oceara’s punishing attacks? No problem – when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Online co-op has Ghost Mode — Support your friends until they can safely revive you and rejoin the fight. Defeat isn’t game over, fight on in Ghost Mode!

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