The 3DS YouTube Service Has Finally Ended

The 3DS YouTube Service Has Finally Ended

Previously, we reported that Google would be shuttering support for the 3DS YouTube app – thereby ending an era. Well, the September 3 deadline has come and gone, and Nintendo is keeping its word.

The YouTube app for 3DS is finally dead in the water across Japan, Europe, and North America. As at the time of writing, 3DS owners worldwide should no longer be able to download the app, let alone start it up to view any videos.

For the most part, however, it looks like no one will be shedding any tears for the 3DS video-streaming service, especially with how many terrible bugs it had. In fact, it’s probably more shocking that Google and Nintendo took this long to do anything about it.

In any case, the winding down of overall support for the 3DS clearly reflects that the portable system is on its way to retirement. With the Switch Lite launching soon and YouTube’s app for Switch still going strong, nothing of value will be lost.