Youtube App No Longer Works Properly On 3DS

Youtube App No Longer Works Properly On 3DS

Despite Nintendo’s pledge to continue supporting the console, it seems that not all of its third party benefactors will be following suit.

Over the past few days, 3DS owners have been reporting that the Youtube app no longer works on the console, and simply crashes upon starting it up.  Those who own more recent variants of the console such as the New 3DS or 2DS XL can still watch videos via the web browser, but some users have reported that even this is not a perfect solution.

While the 3DS’ Youtube app is now largely obsolete due to the more widespread use of smartphones, it was a cool little feature back when it first launched. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like a patch will be coming any time soon, especially since the app still uses Youtube’s years old logo after all this time.

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