The Game Boy Advance Is Now 20 Years Old

The Game Boy Advance Is Now 20 Years Old

On 11 June 2001, one of Nintendo’s fan-favorite handheld systems debuted in the west!

Indeed, the humble Game Boy Advance is now 20 years old following its release in North America. Boasting beautiful 16-bit graphics that many fans considered comparable to the Super NES, the system stuck around for many years – spawning off unique updates such as the Game Boy Advance SP and the Game Boy Micro. In fact, the Game Boy Advance was so prolific that Nintendo initially touted its next handheld (the Nintendo DS) as a “third pillar” instead of a complete successor.

In total, the Game Boy Advance family of systems would go on to sell around 81.51 million units – along with over 377 million units of software in sales. Estimates place Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire as the system’s bestselling title, with over 16 million units of sales overall.

Of course, the system also played host to some cult-classics such as the adventure RPG Golden Sun and deck-battling series Mega Man Battle Network – with many fans still clamoring for their return on modern systems to this day. There has also been quite some demand for Nintendo to make Game Boy Advance titles available via its Nintendo Switch Online service, which only offers a limited selection of NES and SNES titles right now.

While the Game Boy Advance didn’t feature any notable gimmicks like Nintendo’s DS and Wii systems, most would consider the handheld’s simplicity as part of its core appeal. Looking back, one could argue that the system was integral in carrying Nintendo’s continued success in the handheld market to new heights!

Happy birthday, Game Boy Advance!

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