The Most Expensive amiibo In The World Costs Over USD300

The Most Expensive amiibo In The World Costs Over USD300

Have you ever wondered what’s the most valuable, priciest, and rarest mass produced amiibo in the world in 2019?

Unlike the early days where the first print Villager amiibo was the rarest amiibo in the world, things have drastically changed in 2019.

The rarest amiibo in the world as of June 3, 2019 is the Qbby amiibo, part of the BOXBOY series. A brand new Qbby amiibo costs over USD300 on eBay, and a pre-owned Qbby amiibo is no better at USD275+. The Qbby amiibo is a very simple amiibo that’s basically a cube with two eyes and two feet:

What makes the Qbby amiibo so rare is that it was only released in Japan and had a small print run in Australia. On top of that, the amiibo was never reprinted, making it a highly desirable product for collectors.

In second place is an European pack of Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo Sanrio amiibo cards, which comes with all 6 cards in the Sanrio Collaboration series unlike the Japanese version. A sealed pack is running for USD270+ on eBay.

Coming in third place is the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo, a giant Yoshi amiibo released for Yoshi’s Woolly World. Similar to Qbby, Mega Yarn Yoshi was never reprinted, thus its resale value skyrocketed years after its initial launch. A brand new Mega Yarn Yoshi is now worth over USD115 on eBay.

As all three amiibo have never been reprinted and are not expected to be reprinted, we do not expect them to drop further in value in the coming years.

What do you think? How many of these amiibo do you own? Let us know in the comments!