The Switch Was Amazon Prime Day’s Top Searched Item

The Switch Was Amazon Prime Day’s Top Searched Item

Recently, Amazon held its annual Prime Day event for its Prime subscribers, hosting numerous deals on various products for its members to enjoy.

As it turns out, the one product those members were the most interested in was none other than the Nintendo Switch, at least in the West. According to statistics published by Hitwise, the Nintendo Switch was the number one most searched item on Amazon during Prime Day for the US, UK and Australian markets.

You can check out the statistics for yourself below:

Top searches during Prime Day 2019 mimicked top searches on Amazon during the 2018 holiday season. The Nintendo Switch was the most searched product, dethroning the still popular Instant Pot.

The Nintendo Switch was also the most searched product in the UK, followed by peak-period favorites, like laptops and Fitbits.

Gaming and tech-dominated searches, with the Nintendo Switch, once again topped Australia’s list.

That said, as there weren’t many deals on the Switch for Prime Day, it didn’t make the Top 10 sold lists for any of these regions. Still, this find shows just how strong demand for the Switch continues to be even in its third year on the market.

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