These Hilarious Memes Depict Pokemon Trying To Sneak Into Pokemon Sword And Shield

These Hilarious Memes Depict Pokemon Trying To Sneak Into Pokemon Sword And Shield

Recently, Pokemon enthusiasts have been raising a storm over Game Freak’s decision to exclude many Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield. While many are still grumbling – others fans are now channeling their dissatisfaction into producing funny memes.

Namely, many of them are drawing up or editing artwork of excluded Pokemon (Aipom, Lopunny, etc.) disguising themselves as Galar-region Pokemon – and trying to sneak into the game. Along with these posts are snide captions which play off the disguised Pokemon as illegal immigrants of sorts, attempting to break past the Galar-region border patrol.

Check out some examples below.

"There’s a group of Pokémon smugglers around? Don’t worry officer, me and my Grookey will look out for them." [OC] from pokemon

Don’t mind me, officer, just coming back from Hoenn with my Wooloo from pokemon

Don’t mind me, just getting my Umbreon into Galar from pokemon

Nothing wrong with my perfectly legal Galar pokemon. No need to check their passports. from pokemon

Y-yes here’s my ID. Now if you’ll excuse us, uh, I mean me…! from pokemon

Galar is a bit cold for fire starters, I think I’ll take this abomasnow with me instead. from pokemon

Nothing to see here, officer. Just me and my uhh *looks at writing on hand* Eldegoss. from pokemon

"Hello Officer Jenny. Yes, my Pikachu and I will keep an eye out for any smugglers trying to get into Galar. Thanks for the warning." from pokemon

One amazing fan-edit even has Regigigas disguising itself as retired President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aimé to avoid suspicion.

(OC) Oh hello officer, it’s just me, Reggie Fils-Aime, former President of Nintendo of America, spending my retirement here in the Galar region! from pokemon

We’re not sure if this trend will keep up for long, but it’s still good to see fans trying to make the best of the situation. Let’s hope things only get brighter for the Pokemon community from here on.

In the meantime – which one of these ‘smuggled’ Pokemon made you chuckle the most? Let us know in the comments below!